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The three little pigs; two different versions!

The three little pigs: Interviews / Who’s telling the truth? / Storytelling / Drawing / Discussion.


  1. The three little pigs (oral traditional story – version in which the pigs don’t get eaten by the wolf)
  2. Adaptation for young primary children of The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs! By A. Wolf, as told by Jon Scieszka. Puffin Books published by the Penguin Books USA 1989

1-hour lesson plan. -1h30 for higher levels.

Ages: 6-10

Levels: Beginner – intermediate.

Main Aims:

  1. Students understand and learn new language in context (sneeze, straw, sticks of wood, bricks, ‘then I’ll huff and I’ll puff’).
  2. Students become aware that there can be different versions to one same story.
  3. Students are given a voice in deciding which version they ‘believe’ or prefer and why.
  4. Students are allowed to be creative, to step out of the story, to tell their own stories about misunderstandings.

Language: Questions and answers

The three little pigs full lesson plan

The two stories + extra tips

Three pigs video (I don’t recommend using the video in class but more as a help for preparing the story).

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