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Workshops and coaching/Talleres y coaching

1. Voice:

  • Rebecca shares exercises and techniques to improve your voice and avoid straining it when storytelling.

2. Music and Sound

  • Rebecca shares tips and tricks for using sound and music as a support for storytelling.
  • Group workshops: participants come with a story to work on and try Rebecca’s tips and tricks directly on their story under Rebecca’s guidance and with the help of the group.
  • One-to-one coaching: Come with your story. We will talk through it, walk through it, find the rhythm and sounds of the story and see if/how they can be enhanced through instruments, voice and/or sounds.

3. Bilingual storytelling

Rebecca gives tips and tricks on the different ways of telling multilingual stories.

4. General storytelling

Group courses: between 12 and 20 hours.

In these courses, we work on all aspects of storytelling:

  1. How to prepare a story, so you can tell it without a text and without memorising it.
  2. Stage fright and public speaking skills
  3. Develop your creativity and imagination.
  4. Improvising and working in a group.
  5. Rhythm, pacing and silences.
  6. and much more…