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Students invent a story from scratch (all ages)

Language level: beginner to advanced (The students produce whatever language they have/can).

Age Group: 6+, Teenagers, Adults.

Time: 60 -90 min

Materials: Template for the storyboard or note books + Material for follow-up mini books (optional): A4 coloured card + A4 white paper.

Language and Skills: Writing and Speaking.

Overview: This lesson is best done after having told the students at least 5 traditionally structured stories. (You can watch examples of such stories for young learners on my Youtube channel: Rebecca Lemaire .  Go to playlists for different age groups.) Students look at the stories they have heard from you, they analyse the traditional structure of a story and make a structure and storyboard for their own story. They tell the class their story and/or make a mini book or short film.

Full lesson plan

Storyboard Templates

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