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Stories for Dying and Living.

Sunday 13 February 10:30am EST/ 4:30pm CET

Description: In many societies, death is a taboo subject. Yet death is very much part of our lives and doesn’t have to be negative and morbid. What better way than to use storytelling to bypass this taboo and allow some of our feelings and thoughts about death to come to the surface? This workshop is led by Rebecca Lemaire and Maggid Jim Brulé and is a taster of the ongoing workshops they provide online, in which they take the participants on an exploration of death and life through stories, conversations, music and meditations. They are both professional storytellers and also draw on their experience as Reiki healers, meditation teachers, death doula (Jim) to create a safe and intimate space to share. Come along with an open mind and heart and see what comes up. You are also welcome to attend even if you don’t wish to speak.

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2 thoughts on “Stories for Dying and Living.”

  1. Caroline Cumming

    Hi Rebecca,
    I enjoyed listening to you at Liz Weir’s Barn.
    Will this be recorded? Would love to watch and listen but it will be 2a.m in Australia…
    Thanks for getting back to me

    1. Hi Caroline,
      Yes, we all need to rest! 🙂
      The first part might be recorded, just where we tell the story, but not the part where people share. We want people to feel comfortable.

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