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Music and the Sacred Laughter of the Sufis – 27 Feb 2022

Come and join us on this joyful and musical journey Joha will take us on.

Joha, as he is called in Palestine, is known all over the world under different names; Mullah Nasruddin and Hodja are but two of these. Is he wise? Is he a fool? Or is he simply “Joha every person”? Come and decide for yourself as Hend Al Qataa and Rebecca Lemaire celebrate Joha and the human condition, taking you on a journey with this sometimes funny and sometimes absurd character. On this meditative and joyful pilgrimage, Hend and Rebecca weave together songs, stories and music using the oud, frame drum, flute and voice.  Both adults and children from 9 years old are invited, as they will enjoy the different levels of understanding in these wise and fun stories.  


Adults and older children.


A 45-minute session + 20 minutes time for reflection, silence and sharing afterwards.

14 thoughts on “Music and the Sacred Laughter of the Sufis – 27 Feb 2022”

      1. It was a great pleasure to listen to both of you !!! Seamless tandem storytelling… Congratulations!!!

  1. Abimbola Rasheedat

    The story was really a journey with so many lessons.
    The telling was seamless and so beautifully done.
    I wish more people are able to enjoy the wondrous tales.

  2. Hello, Rebecca and Hend!
    Thank you from the bottom of the heart for your session in Chennai. I would like to follow you in some other places. You filled my heart. The blue scarfs you both wore seemed magical to me.
    With great respect,


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