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Re-inventing and acting a story out.

THE ENORMOUS TURNIP – re-inventing a story/theatre/body language

Age and levels: elementary to intermediate – 6 to 12


  1. Can you help us please? Yes, of course we can!
  2. Animals
  3. It has got …
  4. It can, it can’t …
  5. Jump, run, climb, swim.
  6. Stepping out of the story, using creativity.

– you can focus more on one or the other depending on your curriculum and the level of your group.

Re-inventing a story full lesson plan

Emotions  (angry, happy, making an effort, sad, scared, surprised, mmmm delicious/yummy!)

The Turnip story (I don’t recommend using the video in class, but using it as a help to prepare the story).

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