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Echoes of Silence at FEAST FEST

The Ramtanu Trio first met in the small Himalayan town of McLeod Ganj over 15 years ago. Rebecca, Ashish and Deo weave stories and music in this fascinating session about spiritual practice and exploration through sound.They bring us legends and anecdotes about music and silence, inspiration and expression, movement and stillness portraying their experiences in India learning music, yoga and meditation.Rebecca Lemaire (SPAIN)Rebecca Lemaire is an international storyteller who has lived in India and is now based in Spain. Her passion is for her audience to experience spaciousness through her stories, sounds and music.Ashish Sarwate (FRANCE)Ashish Sarwate, a Dhrupad musician, an Indian living in France, believes every ordinary person is made of many extraordinary stories.Rajinder Deo (SPAIN)Rajinder Deo is British Indian and currently lives in Spain. He is a designer, an artist and plays the Indian tabla drums. He loves how music, art and stories connect us to each other.

Here’s a taster:

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