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A whole new series – a Journey – creativity and deep exploration – 1-year programme starting March 2022

Journey into Dying and Living
Jim Brulé and I are launching a new, ambitious series called Journey into Dying and Living. There will be four six-week sessions, each addressing a different aspect of dying and living through storytelling (with a variety of different modalities for interaction). 

It is expected that participants will be working on a creative presentation throughout each session which will be shared in the final week. It might be a story, a poem, a song – anything that individuals and groups are moved to create.

Classes will be Tuesdays at noon Eastern / 5pm UK/ 6 pm European time. Ticketing and more info about the first series “Grief and Loss” here:

Join us on this six-week program focusing on grief and loss. We will look at stories that explore ways in which we may move between the living and the dead, embrace grief, and transform loss. Participants will engage with the stories through creative writing, meditations, sharing, and exercises, in groups and individually. The final week will provide an opportunity for participants to share their own creations with the group. The series meets Tuesdays 8 March-12 April at Noon Eastern US / 6 pm European time for two hours. Adjustments will be made for Daylight Savings Time.

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