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A fun story and lesson for pre-int to advanced teens or adults.

Language level: Pre-Intermediate – Advanced

Age Group: 8+, teens, adults

Time: Depending on how many of the activities you do, 1-2 hours.

Materials: Youtube video (You are welcome to use it in class if you want to, but I suggest you tell the story yourself so you can adapt it to your students’ age, level and/or even their mood!). More tips on how to learn stories without memorising here.

Language and Skills: Emotions, narrative tenses, modals of deduction, general knowledge, Science, History, Geography or any other subject the students choose.


 You can decide to do all activities (scenes, emotions and trivial pursuit) or one/two of them.

Students listen to the story about the Farmer and the Mathematician. They draw a scene from the story, guess their partner’s scene and fill in each other’s speech/thought bubbles. The students then fill in the axis of emotions and re-tell the story based on the emotions of the mathematician.

The students make up some quiz questions based on what they are learning in other subjects at school (secondary students) or trivial pursuit questions then play the Question and Answer Game with another group.

The Farmer and the Mathematician lesson plan pdf

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